Pretty much garlic is an all the time staple for me, but due to all of
its health benefits it is great to fight infections from fall and winter illnesses.

Uses: Of course it is best the more raw and less cooked, if that is
upsetting to your stomach, try to add it to the end of making your cooked dish,
so it is still a little fresh. I love adding it to soups, Mac Squash N' Cheese
vegan style; salad dressings where I put it in raw chopped and let it sit for 15
minutes before adding onto salad

Uses: Add it to any soup or my favorite is to eat it raw and top a spinach or mixed
green salad with sliced red cabbage and a little sliced red onion, dress it with
lemon, olive oil, and a pinch of sea salt

I love all types of squash: Acorn, Kuri, Spagetti, and my favorite is Butternut

Uses: Oh all the uses for squash! Make a pie, much like a pumpkin, I
make Mac Squash N' Cheese Vegan Style. For a sweet treat  I take squash
out of the oven and right away I top it with a dab of coconut oil and a few chocolate chips,
and eat it warm , the chocolate with melt and it is fantastic!

Pomegranates are up there in one of my favorite foods.

Uses: First off most people are unsure of how to cut it, just cut it
right down the middle (being careful of your clothes as the juice will squirt
everywhere), then take one half in your hands and kinda crack it in half, peel
back the white areas with your fingers, and pick out the berries. I mainly add
pomegranate to salads, but I also like to serve it with veggie sushi, on the
plate or placing them on top the rolls, people love it!

Uses: You can use this in place of pasta or other rice. I love adding
it to soups, or with a filling that I put in crepes.
Make it: 1 part rice to 4 parts water, or 1cup Rice to 4 Cups Water