Add more punch to your normal Rice Krispie Bars! Chocolate Topped and added Peanut Butter Vegan Deliciousness!

Do It:

2 TBLS. Melted Distilled Coconut Oil
5 Ounces Ricemellow Crème (this is vegan marshmallow crème sold in a tub at Whole Foods)
1 TBLS Vanilla Extract
½ tsp. sea salt
2 Heaping TBLS. Natural Organic Peanut Butter
5 Ounces (half the box) Gluten-Free Brown Rice Crisp Cereal
3/4 c. Semi Sweet Organic Chocolate Chips

Make It:

1)Oil a 9x9 or 8x8, square baking pan with some oil
2)In a bowl, mix Ricemellow Crème, Coconut oil, vanilla, salt, and peanut butter.
3)Add Rice Cereal and stir until evenly coated
4)Press Mixture into pan, and chill for 5 min in the freezer while making the chocolate topping
5)In a double boiler put the chocolate chips, melt and whisk until smooth, about 5 min
6)Take Rice Krispie pan out of freezer and spread melted chocolate evenly over
7)Chill in Fridge for 1 hr. or longer
8)Cut and Enjoy!

These store best in the fridge to keep them firm

Wanna make a bigger Batch? Just double everything thing and put it in a 9x12 in

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10/08/2016 3:31am

This food have many delicious and beneficial food items so we must should try its taste. All of its ingredients are really beneficial for us especially dry fruits help us to be warm in winter season so we can try it in winter.

11/30/2016 8:02am

Chocolate crisp bars, is what I always bought at the grocery. So it always cost me to buy it, until I found this, something to use so I could save more. Then I adopted it and from then on, i kept making these and had my friend have them too. We enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing this.

02/11/2017 3:59am

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