Gluten Free Santa Fe

I was recently in Santa Fe, New Mexico and wanted to share a couple of my favorite spots to eat in town

Le Pod- They describe themselves as “a hip, retro Airstream eatery on wheels”. This little food truck serves Gluten Free Crepes made out of buckwheat flour, I had two kinds the a fruit kind with strawberries  and the savory one with sweet potato, spaghetti squash pecans, and maple syrup             open M-F from 11-4, located near the plaza

India Palace- for Santa Fe being such a small town, I surprised by how extremely excellent the Indian Food was here.
Located near the plaza

Joe’s Dinner- They focus on having many gluten free items, and are very accommodating. I had a gluten free veggie pizza and had them leave off the cheese and it was still excellent! Located at 2801 Rodeo Rd Santa Fe, NM 87507

Tia Sophia’s Café- This little café was the perfect place to go for breakfast, they are extremely accommodating, I tend to make up my own order which was a green salad with side of guacamole, rice and beans, all very excellent! Located near the plaza

A place I didn’t have a chance to check out but all the locals rave about is Revolutionary Bakery, which has lots of gluten free baked goods.

Also make sure to check out Oleaceae : Best Olive Oil and Vinegars on the Planet  located near the plaza at 100 E San Francisco St Santa Fe, NM 87501

My other not to be missed places in Santa Fe is Ten Thousand Waves- one of the best spas you will ever go to.



03/21/2016 2:31am

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04/28/2016 12:55pm

India Palace is a relly cool place with tasty indian food inside!

10/16/2016 11:36am

I have eaten this Mexican dish many times and every time I eat it, it has got the same great taste like every time. I really like these types of things that are also not that bad for the health.


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